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We use
Japan Net Bank.
The best visa site in Japan
, administered also
by our Asahi Tokyo Law Office
Asahi Tokyo Law Office
Visa Immigration Lawyer Japan / Asahi Tokyo Law office
Overstay etc.
Recently, there are many consultations from foreign nationals about overstay in Japan which require our professional help. We are good at that kind of procedure. Please ask us about that.

Inquiries are increasing from business firms. Quick and adequate management judgment is important for business. I recommend you our Legal Adviser Contract so that you could respond to as soon as a legal revision is enacted.

Since this office has been registered on many search engines (mainly English) in the world, all whole-world population is to be our CLIENT.
In the inquiry sent recently from overseas companies,we think it seems that they
would like to seek for "Business Partner" in Japan.

We are now seeking for talented people who are good at international judicial affairs as our employees because this office has become busy. However, this work cannot be managed, unless you have full knowledge of the both sides of laws in Japan and foreign laws, and of Japanese + English. Especially, Civil Law, Commercial Law, Immigration Control Act, International Private Law, and English are required. If you would like to work in this office, please mail your resume. We will reply only to appropriate persons.
In addition, your resume will not be returned because a lot of applications are sent to us.
Visa Immigration Lawyer Japan / Asahi Tokyo Law office
We are the Immigration Specialists in Japan.
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